Dena - Body Piercing

denaMy name is Dena, I have been working as a body piercer since April 2006, I love my job with a passion...

My husband Carl Zambra moved from Elite at Merry Hill to Body Art Studios Dudley in February 2006, although he could pierce he was predominantly busy tattooing so it was an opportunity for me to take on the role.

I attended a training course in Bristol which was very insightful, although there was no practical, it explained jewellery, and needles, health and safety, and I then had another course for ears and nose piercing.

Once my theory was done I was eager for the practical, I watched Carl when he pierced and when I felt confident my volunteers stepped up. From that time I have loved my job, I am very lucky, not everyone gets up and is happy to go to work.

micro dermal and dermal anchor piercings

I am a very conscientious person and nothing less than perfection will do, I take my job very seriously, doing my utmost to put my clients at ease, explaining the piercing process to them, providing aftercare instructions. Working in a sterile clinically clean studio, with the best equipment and jewellery, no corners are cut!

With the industry changing and moving forward frequently, I am attending another training course and will then be offering the micro dermal anchors (single point piercings). With any relatively new procedure it is important to know the risks, benefits and the correct way to go about it.

Body Piercing Opening Times:
Mon - Fri 10am - 2.30pm
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